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Happy Endings
Rat Rescue and Retirement

About Us

Happy Endings is a small, independent rescue located in Columbia City, Indiana. Currently all rats at Happy Endings are here for the remainder of their lives. As space becomes limited, rats may be posted for adoption. We currently have 13 rats. All our rats enjoy:

roomy cages
daily handling and playtime
vegan diet
veterinary care as needed
lots and lots of TLC!

If you have a rat in need of a loving, forever home please contact Heather. We are always appreciative of any and all donations!


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Meet The Rats

Maddie is a shy, sweet little girl who doesn't quite know what to think of her human, but she does love cuddling and playing with her sisters!

Phoebe is an energetic and outgoing girl who loves to play outside her cage and spend lots of time with her human. She is always the first one in line to get a treat!

Emmy is a gentle, easy-going girl who thoroughly enjoys her daily playtime and she is right there next to Phoebe when her human brings her a snack!

Chloe is the baby of the family. She is sweet, curious and LOVES her human, often hitching rides on a shoulder or in a pocket. Her big, adorable ears set her apart from her sisters.

Sebastian is an outgoing and goofy BIG boy who is just getting to know his human and is very curious about his new surroundings, including his human's 2 dogs who are curious about him!

Templeton is a very shy boy who hasn't quite come out of his shell yet. He likes to stay safe in his little house and not wander too far from his brother Sebastian. His human is sure he will come around!

(picture to come)

Charity is an inquisitive and pretty little girl who has lots of energy and is always anxious to be held. She and Chloe are new best friends!

(picture to come)

Faith and Hope are two beautiful little girls who are both a little shy but who love spending quiet time with their human. They also enjoy cuddling with each another.

(picture to come)

Bailey, Colby, Duncun and Toby are very handsome old boys who are all extremely sweet and who all have BIG appetites! They love their new home and plan on retiring here!


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Wish List

boxed minute rice (white or brown)
canned, unsalted veggies
dry pasta (any kind except egg noodles!)
fresh fruit and veggies
plain dried fruit
plain rice cakes
rolled oats
squirrel corn
"Total" cereal/puffed rice or wheat cereal (unsweetened)
unsalted seeds and nuts (in the shell is GOOD!)
vitamin drops for rats

cages (ferret, rabbit, guinea pig...the bigger the better!)
new water bottles/new or used food dishes
non-toxic bedding such as carefresh, corn cob litter, etc.
rattie playground toys (ramps, ladders, tubes, etc.)
tupperware type containers
used blankets or towels/rat hammocks and sleeping bags
wooden chews
wooden, plastic or ceramic rat houses
monetary donations for vet care, etc.

If you would like to make a donation please email me and let me know!


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Rainbow Bridge

These angels don't have silky skin
Or flowing golden hair
They don't show themselves in visions
But we know that they are there
These angels don't wear halos
Or fly on feathered wings
They may not sleep on cotton clouds
They just don't need those things
These angels are all around us
In every breath we take
They're in the falling autumn leaves
In the ripples on the lake
These angels once had silky fur
And prickly little tails
They gave licky kisses with tiny tongues
Had scratchy little nails
These angels always made us smile
They could melt a heart of stone
One look at tiny angel eyes
And we never felt alone
These angels are still with us
Still twitching little noses
You see them in the sunset
And the beauty of the roses.

~Heather Leughmyer

In Memory of
Sabre, Simon, Benji, Ty, Abby, Sophie, Holly


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Our Favorite Links

Action For Animals~Lots of good information on animal rights/veganism

Animal Veg FAQ~Answers to anti-animal rights arguments

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Rat Fan Club~Focuses on rats as companion animals

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Rat Rehoming Register~Rat adoption and rehoming

Rat Rights~Rethinking animal treatment and their rights

Rats Have Rights~The Rat Liberation Front

RatsRatsRats~MSN community

Recycled Rodents~Rat adoptions

RMCA Rescues~Rat adoptions

Vegan Rats~Yahoo community

Yummy For Dogs (and Rats)~Vegan recipes for rats, dogs and wildlife

Educate Yourself!!!

Caring Consumer ~ List of companies and charities that do and do not test on animals

Fact Sheets~Fact sheets on all aspects of animal rights including animal experimentation

March of Crimes~Information on March of Dimes cruel animal tests

Petco Cruelty~Information on how pets suffer and die at Petco

Stop Animal Tests~Information on what you can do to help stop cruel, outdated animal tests

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"Until he extends the circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace." ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer